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Telco Cloud - Test

Work Experience : 3-5 YEARS
Job Code : 1335078

Required  Skills:

Telco Cloud-L2

Desirable Skills:

OpenStack-L2, Vmware Virtualization - Implementation and Maintenance-L2

Job Description : 

1. Virtualization and NFVi verification experience

2. Strong knowledge in open stack architecture with knowledge of various OpenStack components like Nova, neutron, cinder, swift, keystone, etc.

3. Deep Knowledge of various NFVi validation tools like Tempest/Rally/Yardstick

4. Work experience in Test automation, Ansible, and CI/CD experience must.

5. Deep Python and shell programming experience required.

Key skills required for the work are: n Telecommunication-L3, OpenStack-L2, (Mandatory), and Redhat ansible-L2, (Optional). As a Lead, you're responsible for managing a little team of analysts, developers, testers or engineers and drive delivery of a little module within a project (Delivery/Maintenence/Testing) you'll function entry-level specialist expertly especially technology/industry domain/a process/application/product. you're responsible for functional/technical track of a project. Minimum work experience: 5 - 8 YEARS

Roles & Responsibilities:

Minimum Experience Required: 3-5 YEARS
Mandatory Skills: Telco Cloud-L2 Application Testing-L3
Desirable Skills: OpenStack-L2, Vmware Virtualization - Implementation and Maintenance-L2
Language Skills: English Language-L3

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